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Join Us For Whitecaps Night June 15!

Join Us For Whitecaps Night June 15!

Have Fun & Stay Sharp!


Are you excited to play some ball?  You don't have to wait!  Make the most of your time at home and get a jump on the season with these fun Boredom Busters!
Here's what you'll find on this page:

  • YouTube play lists!  There are A LOT of videos on YouTube....and some are better than others.  We've put together a collection of our favorites from reputable experts and organized them into skill categories from general warm ups to specialized drills.  Check them out and use the videos you like best!
  • Instagram accounts! Check out these coaches on Instagram for quick tips!
  • More links! Take a look through these for easy and simple drill suggestions!
  • Featured Videos! Real life advice, right from the East Kentwood Varsity Players!

Hold On.....Before You Get Started...

Safety First!!

  • Always stretch before throwing or exercising!  (here's a great guide!)
  • Watch for signs of arm overuse!  Throwing should not cause arm pain - if it does, STOP!
  • When practicing or performing drills, be sure you have room to move around without tripping over anything. 
  • Always make sure you have a parent's permission to practice, especially in the house!


  • Have fun and try different drills and activities!
  • Set goals and challenge yourself
  • Don't get frustrated...keep at it!
  • Have questions?  Not sure where to start?  Email us at [email protected], we'll see if we can help!


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